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Charlie Nicholas the Owner of this company cuts all corners possible when doing any form of project. When confronted about a dangerous unstable balcony in the apartment complex he was hired for he threatened my life.

He is a horrible person with as I have found out a violent past. Do not use this company if you want your structure to last more than five years! It has cost us triple what is was to build for all the repairs in the first 6 months after completion. Also the initial price quote was grossly under what I have had to pay this scam artist.

Do not trust N.E.Construction, N.e. Aviation or any other companies run or owned by this evil man! We are now in the midst of a very large legal battle with him. I just pray that justice will be dealt him.

N.E. Construction in Lewisville Texas DO NOT USE, you will be sorry you did and run to the poor house to boot.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #878581

I have known Charlie Nicholas since 2009 and I've been involved with Charlie Nicholas on three separate apartment transactions totaling over $27M over the last three years and have found him to be honorable, kind, and gentle. If you cut a good deal with the wrong guy, it's likely to end up a disaster, if you cut a bad deal with a good guy, it can be fixed.

Charlie's Character is top-notch and I can't see how the nay sayers can be referring to the same individual I know and have personally spent time in the trenches with.

I look forward to doing business with Charlie and NE for years to come.


Consider the source at all times !

I have found Charlie Nicholas and Andre Nicholas to be of fine character. Generous and friendly.

You cannot argue with their business success .... that does not happen by cutting corners or poor treatment of others.

Sounds like more victim mentality, cry baby, entitled and whining behavior to me.

This mentality is the evil that kills the fabric of America.

Give me winners, not whiners.


And terrible service.


Bad company! Bad service!

Bad work! Really nothing good to say at all about it.


Its about time we see this company on here! Horrible service, and horrible work! They put all the money in their pockets at this company it seems, and not in quality workmanship!

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